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Lift Station Control with Remote Monitoring - Back to all systems

Lift Stations are used to pump sewage from low points to higher elevations utilizing wastewater pumps. Sewage flows via gravity to what is called a “wet well”; stored, and then pumped to another lift station, or directly to a treatment facility.

Various Methods of Control are used to sense the level of sewage within the wet well. A few common methods are:

  • Float Control
  • Air Bubbler
  • Submersible Transducer
  • Ultrasonic Sensor

Pump Controller
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Pump Operation

When a particular level is reached, a pump will activate to begin the pumping process. Most often, there are two pumps in a system and would be referred to as a duplex pumping system. The pumps operate in tandem in a lead/lag fashion to accommodate various rates of inflow.

TBox Mounted & Wired
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Remote Monitoring

There is often a need to monitor the operation of a Lift Station from a remote location. Information critical to operating personnel are:

  • Pump Failure
  • High Level Condition
  • Station Flooding Condition
  • Station Power Loss
  • Low Temperature Condition

Rosemont Engineering, Inc. integrated this system utilizing a Dwyer submersible transducer for level monitoring in conjunction with a TBox Control and Monitoring Package.

In this application, TBox is outfitted with “pump down” control software for lead/lag operation, and communicates via phone line to plant operating personnel.

Pump and lift station conditions can be configured to communicate to operators via cell phone texting and/or email reporting. A history report is generated and emailed on a pre-determined basis providing statistical history of an array of information. Some of this history includes

  • Pump Run Times and Hour Recording
  • Wet Well Level History
  • Pump Fail Conditions

TBox offers an affordable alternative to expensive SCADA systems while still providing the essential functions of high-end installations.

For more information on TBox, see

Submersible Transducer
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