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Welcome to Rosemont Engineering, Inc.

For 25 years, Rosemont Engineering, Inc. has been a problem solving organization. We’ve built electro-mechanical systems for the chemical metering, extrusion and plastics industries, among dozens of others. Due to our affiliation with world-class OEM’s, our systems are producing product in all parts of the world.

On a local level, we provide various custom control systems in the commercial, industrial and municipal markets. See our “Systems” tab for examples of systems in operation.

If you need to “move it”, “store it” or “measure it”, we can help!

Fire Pump Controllers - Learn About Firetrol

In 1991, Rosemont Engineering, Inc. was chosen to be the New England Representative for Firetrol, Inc. of Cary, NC. Firetrol is the leading manufacturer of fire pump controllers used in the sprinkler-fire protection industry. We proudly serve on Firetrol’s “Representative Council” which assists in marketing and design considerations on current and future Firetrol products.

About Rosemont Engineering, Inc.

Rosemont Engineering, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Steve Rosa and Rick Dumont. The two originally joined forces to provide integrated mechanical and electrical control systems serving the chemical metering and extrusion industries.

Since then, the business has evolved into a manufacturer’s rep firm primarily serving the fire protection industry. The largest principal being ASCO-Firetrol the leading manufacturer of fire pump controllers in the market.

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225 Stedman Street, Unit 34 - Lowell, Massachusetts 01851
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